Avoid Festive Self-Sabotage with Lizi Jackson-Barrett

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Avoid Festive Self-Sabotage with Lizi Jackson-Barrett

"The perfect companion to help you make the right choices at this time of year and into the next year, when all around us is excess and indulgence. It's not saying don't enjoy your life, it's just about making the right choices for you". (Lisa Snowdon, presenter and model)

How many of these have you ever done in January: 

  • Joined a gym?
  • Started a diet?
  • Vowed to lose weight?
  • Signed up for an exercise class?
  • Joined a diet group with a friend?
  • Bought a low-cal/carb recipe book?
  • Felt bad about your body?
  • Regretted your overeating?
  • Felt you can’t manage your weight?
  • Bought clothes in a bigger size?

It doesn't have to be like that. Festive self-sabotage isn't inevitable.

"This book has given me the power to change my relationship with food and how I perceive it. I now have clear goals to work with and ways in which to approach these with the help of the ABCs detailed in the book. I am excited to see a happier, healthier, leaner me. Not just through the festive period, for the rest of my life." (Laura, 34)

Lizi Jackson-Barrett is a qualified coach who helps women to feel in control of their own choices, their own bodies and their own happiness. She has combined coaching psychology with her experience as a coach to create the ultimate guide to avoiding self-sabotage. This eBook is a fully participatory workbook, crammed full of activities and tasks to guide you through the process of learning to take control.

The festive period can be especially tricky to navigate, and daunting for those trying to manage their weight or their body positivity. This eBook will show you how to enjoy your Christmas without regretting your choices by New Year. If you'd like to indulge in Christmas pudding without ending up looking like one, this eBook is for you!

"I really enjoyed this ebook, which really complements my current diet plan - just what I needed with the festive season approaching! Some great tools to use to keep me on track for success and feeling good about myself in the new year! Thanks Lizi!" (Natalie, 30)






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