[M] Quaras of Calassa

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[M] Quaras of Calassa

  1. Tested on Level: 280~
  2. Exp/h: 1,2kk to 1,7kk
  3. Recommended ML: 90+
  4. Loot/hunt: -100k to -180k {No Looter}
  5. Start at Gray Island DP
  6. Shop: 550 of UMP; 900 of Thunderstorm Rune {You can edit variables}
  7. Macros: Safe Distance, RS Cavebot & more...
  8. Script have: Auto Lurer, Run System, Variables for go DP, Auto change Helmet after pass the teleport.
  9. You need: Helmet of the Deep, Minimize Set, Close all windows only with BP'S, Dont put follow attack.
  10. Change the variable "OtherHelmet" with your helmet ID  (Yalahari mask, hat of the mad etc.) 
  11. If you only want bot with helmet of the deep just put "0".
  12. Go BBot/Data/BBot.Items.txt, and add this ID's like that: https://s7.postimg.cc/sopnpz73f/ids.png