[P] Lower Roshamuul

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[P] Lower Roshamuul

  1. Tested on Level: 240~
  2. Exp/h: 1,8kk to 2,1kk 
  3. Loot/hunt: 450k to 600k
  4. Start at Thais -1 & North
  5. Shop: 700 of SMP; 200 of GSP; 1400 of Prismatic Bolts {You can edit variables}
  6. Macros: RS Cavebot, Pause if Die, Softboots change for Draken Boots, Safe Exori San
  7. You need: Minimize Set, Close all windows only with BP'S, Red Quiver.
  8. Script Have: Soft Boots Refiller, Run Safe System.

Support: discord.gg/gPMFY6ragy