[M] Corruption Hole -1 of Zao

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[M] Corruption Hole -1 of Zao

  1. Tested on Level: 280~
  2. Exp/h: 1,1kk to 1,4kk {Exp x2 & Without Looter}
  3. Recommended ML: 80+
  4. Loot/hunt: -150k to -200k {No Looter} 100k to 200k {Looter}
  5. Start at Farmine Bank
  6. Shop: 400 of GMP; 1700 of SD {You can edit variables}
  7. Macros: Safe Distance, RS Cavebot  Energy Ring & more..
  8. Script Have: Run System, Dont go DP sell all Zao Set. Change Direction inside cave in Variables.
  9. You need: Minimize Set, Close all windows only with BP'S, add 1 or 2 Energy Rings, dont put follow attack.