[All VOC] Charms Farmer in Yalahar II

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[All VOC] Charms Farmer in Yalahar II

- Exactly can farm like 782 points but you need to bot like 25-30h, not worth becouse u 
   will miss around 50-75 charms only. In 20 hours you will farm around 400-600 charms.
- This script can be used by any Vocation, you need only setup your vocation, which 
   places to hunt and mana potion ID on variables and Mana Tools. 
   The rest it's automatic like healing, haste and spells to attack. 
- Add some money to pay the waste/refills. 
- I recommed to use this script only in Rapid Weekends.
- You can bot two chars at the same time like u see in the screenshot, 1 char per zone 
  (Arena and Foreigner Quarter) 
   You can go faster rushing the first 100-200 charms but the rest will take more time, 
   doing that.

:exclamation:CHECK THE VARIABLES BEFORE BOTING:exclamation: